The new version 1.4.0 of BriskBard has been released !

The new version of BriskBard is even safer against phishing threats and it also brings many improvements and optimizations in the web browser, the email client and the newsgroup reader.

BriskBard web browser

These are the new features in the 1.4.0 version :


48 Alternative Web Search Engines

If you think there are only 3 or 4 search engines in Internet you'll be surprised at how many different Google alternatives are available.

43 Alternative Web Search Engines [2017]

Even if you discard specialized search engines, web directories and price comparison websites you'll easily end up with hundreds of websites in the list. For this article I've only included the general purpose search engines. 


Best FTP search engines

If you look for some files and you know they are located inside an anonymous FTP server, these FTP search engines will help you find it.

Best FTP search engines

Despite criticism and some premature obituaries, FTP is far from dead. It's true that the golden days of FTP are long gone but it's still used by millions of sites. 


BriskBard 1.3.2 released

BriskBard 1.3.2 has been released with an important bug fix that affected the stability of BriskBard in a few websites using Flash.

This version also hides the mouse cursor automatically in the media player when you activate the full screen mode.

For more information go to


CEF4Delphi updated to CEF 3.2924.1569.g067d915

Since I wrote the last blog entry these are the changes in CEF4Delphi :

  • Support for Delphi 7 thanks to Raelb.
  • New TCEFApplication.AddCustomCommandLine procedure to add multiple switches with or without values thanks to rubinho241180.
  • TCEFApplication.CheckCEFLibrary enhancements and fixes. It now checks all the CEF3 files even if you use custom file paths. 
  • Added support for CEF 3.2924.1569.g067d915. This version of CEF 3 fixes a very nasty bug if you use Adobe Flash Player.