BriskBard 1.9.0 Released !

Navigate comfortably in Internet using the new mouse gestures in BriskBard and control your browser with your hand movement.

BriskBard  1.8.5
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BriskBard has many interesting new features in this version and besides the transition to 64 bit, it now includes mouse gestures that can be linked to the browser actions.

Mouse gestures

To test this new feature you only have to check the “Allow gestures” box in the “Gestures” tab inside the web browser configuration window and press the “Ok” button.

BriskBard has two preconfigured gestures to go back or forward, and you only need to press the “control” key while you move the mouse to the left to navigate to the previous page. Once there you can go forward pressing the “control” key while moving the mouse to the right.

Another new BriskBard feature is the quick “user agent” selector for each web browser tab.

User agent selector

There’s also a new configuration window where you can select the user agent that will be used dynamically whenever you navigate to a domain.

Dynamic user agent

With these new features you’ll be able to navigate to those pages that are only designed for a reduced number of web browsers, causing issues and giving false warnings when you try to use an alternative web browser like BriskBard.

User agent configuration

If you decide to anchor the BriskBard icon in the Windows taskbar you'll see that this version added multiple tasks to open BriskBard with the tab you need.

BriskBard's Jump list


This is the complete list of changes in BriskBard 1.9.0 :

  • The Blink rendering engine has been upgraded to 81.0.4044.92

  • New 64 bits version of BriskBard.

  • Added mouse gestures to the web browser tabs using the Blink engine.

  • Improved user agent selection and dynamic user agent per domain for web browser tabs using the Blink engine.

  • Added tasks in the context menu shown in the Windows task bar icon.

  • The task bar icon now shows the loading progress when BriskBard starts.

  • Now the button to open the downloads directory in the download manager is always enabled.

  • Added a new option to the uninstaller to keep the user data.

  • The web browser configuration has been modified to save user credentials for system proxies.

  • Performance has been improved in the web browser tabs that use the Trident engine.

  • The Indy and SQLite components have been updated to the latest version.

  • Bug fixes :

    • Fixed some graphical glitches when a web browser tab with the Trident engine was used.

    • The URL port number is now checked to see if it's valid before navigating to a web site.


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