BriskBard 2.6 Released !

Browse the web safely with the latest version of BriskBard and enjoy your favorite TV channels thanks to the improved IPTV support.

NOTA: Se produjo un problema en la página de descargas pero ya se ha solucionado. Por favor, intente descargar BriskBard de nuevo si no pudo obtener la version 2.6.0 anteriormente.

BriskBard 2.6

As usual, the latest version of BriskBard adds several suggestions given by the users as well as some fixes. The list of keyboard shortcuts has been expanded to navigate to the previous and next web page in the navigation history by pressing Alt + left or right arrows.

BriskBard web browser

You can also press Control + H to show the navigation history and now the Control + Tab will go back to the first tab when you reach the last one.

BriskBard web browser

BriskBard 2.6 adds many improvements and fixes in the multimedia player. The playlist is now much faster and easier to use than before thanks to the Virtual-TreeView component.

BriskBard multimedia player

The IPTV support has improved dramatically and now the playlist will show channel logos and groups when you load M3U files.

BriskBard multimedia player

This is the complete list of changes in BriskBard 2.6 :

  • The Blink rendering engine has been upgraded to 92.0.4515.131.
  • The IPTV support has been improved and the functions reading M3U files can now read channel logos, channel groups, etc.
  • The playlist in the multimedia tabs has been replaced with a much faster and more responsive component.
  • The last playlist position is saved when the user closes a multimedia player tab and it's restored when the user opens that tab again.
  • Added the keyboard shortcut Alt + Left or Right arrow to navigate to the previous or next page in the navigation history.
  • Added the keyboard shortcut Control + H to show the navigation history.
  • The Indy, SQLite and Tor components have been updated to the latest version.
  • Bug fixes :
    • Fixed an issue with URLs that included a plus sign.
    • Now the Control + tab keyboard shortcut goes back to the first tab when the user reaches the last tab.
    • Fixed some issues opening new tabs in web browser tabs using the Trident engine.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the web browser tab to close automatically when a file was downloaded.
    • Fixed an SSL issue in download threads.

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