My first open source project : CEF4Delphi

As BriskBard was growing, the need for a new rendering engine was evident. Trident was only being updated if you had IE 11 installed in Windows and Microsoft was focusing on a different web browser. 

The alternative was Blink. Blink can be embedded in any application using the Chromium Embedded Framework 3 (CEF3) and it's continuosly updated. The problem was that the Delphi component linking to CEF3, called DCEF3, wasn't being updated at that time. The only solution was to fork DCEF3 and update it. That's how CEF4Delphi was born. CEF4Delphi is based on DCEF3 and it has the same open source license that Henri Gourvest used for DCEF3.

CEF4Delphi has a very clear goal : Make it as easy to update as possible. To achieve that the code comments were deleted because they are a copy of CEF3's comments and they are modified as frequently as the code. Some redundancies in DCEF3 were also simplified and the code units were split into smaller ones.

After a few months of hard work CEF4Delphi was fully integrated in BriskBard 1.3.0, released on GitHub and announced on several social networks.