New update of CEF4Delphi

I just uploaded a new version of CEF4Delphi with the following changes :

  • A new demo called "MiniBrowser" with more features than SimpleBrowser. It has a DevTools panel and an example of a CustomRenderProcessHandler registering an extension. To test them, load any webpage and select "Show DevTools" or "Set mouseover event" in the contextual menu (click the right mouse button).
  • TCEFApplication has 4 new properties : OnRegCustomSchemes, ResourceBundleHandler, BrowserProcessHandler and RenderProcessHandler. This should make it easier to add custom handlers and schemes.
  • TChromium now has a new procedure to execute Javascript called "ExecuteJavaScript" 
  • Updated to CEF 3.2924.1566.ga6a3da2

The crash in 64 bit applications is still pending.

The link to the CEF3 binaries is now this