BriskBard is now free!

The 1.2.0 version of BriskBard has arrived with important new features that everyone will like.

In these months the main suggestions were about the price and the search engine integration in the web browser. They were included in this new version in addition to many more features :

  1. Now BriskBard is totally FREE. User licenses have been replaced by the use of a Google custom search engine called "BriskBard web search" and some affiliate programs.
  2. There's a new start page in BriskBard's web browser set to "BriskBard web search" by default.
  3. There's a new search box in the web browser next to the address box. This search box can be configured to be used with the most common search engines and it shows suggestions based on the text entered by the user.
  4. Now BriskBard detect malicious web pages thanks to PhishTank and Google's Safe Browsing. The detection can be automatic or manual by using the "Check phishing threats" option in the cogwheel button of the web browser.
  5. There're two new options in the contextual menus of web pages and the viewer of messages, articles and RSS elements : If the selected text has a web address it shows a "Go to..." option and if the selected text has normal text it shows "Search in Internet..."
  6. There're also some new options in the contextual menu of the web browser to hide several user interface elements individually.
  7. The web browser now has an "Advanced configuration" window with new settings available when using the IE's engine : "Do not track" header, Proxy, Start page, user agent, default search engine and phishing protection.
  8. BriskBard has now the standard shortcuts for the web browser and tab management.
  9. Now the main menu has a link to the help web page and an option to use a full screen mode. This mode hides even more interface elements if the F11 key is used inside a web browser tab.
  10. The user agent strings used in the two rendering engines used by BriskBard have been updated to include its name.
  11. There's a new message to download the filters the first time a media player tab is open.
  12. The desktop icon has been changed and now it opens a new web browser page. The Windows menu icon still opens the tab selector page.
  13. SQLite and OpenSSL have been updated to the latest version.
  14. Bug fixes :
    1. All BriskBard's windows registry information is now deleted during uninstall.
    2. Email addresses are now correctly managed in the message editor if they are not included in the contacts.
    3. Dates are now correctly interpreted in some Windows installations with language packs.
    4. Some spelling mistakes have been corrected in the English and Spanish translations.

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