New version of BriskBard!

After 4 months of work version 1.3 is finished at last.

These are the main new features :

  1. Added the Blink rendering engine used in Chromium as the default engine.
  2. There's a new option to select the default rendering engine used by BriskBard.
  3. Now the email messages list has a filter to show only the messages that meet the criteria given by the user.
  4. Added a new option to show a docked bookmark list in the web browser. If the user clicks controls and the left mouse button the selected bookmark opens in a new tab.
  5. Added a new loading screen when BriskBard starts.
  6. Now email addresses are recognized in the selected text of a web page and there's a new option in the context menu to send an email message to that address.
  7. Now there's a new option in the status bar to show the external IP and other connection information.
  8. The installation process has changed to make it easier to select which protocols and file types will be handled by BriskBard.
  9. QLite, OpenSSL and Indy have been updated to the latest version.
  10. There's a new option when the user right-clicks over an email folder to select the header fields shown in the messages list.
  11. Added buttons to easely select the layout of the list of email messages, newsgroup's articles and news aggregator's items.
  12. Bug fixes :
    1. The loading icon in the tabs is back.
    2. The favicons in the bookmarks are now udated as soon as they are received.
    3. The suggestions shown when the user types a web address only show bookmarks and not folders.
    4. The window size is now calculated correctly when the user switch from maximized to full screen.
    5. Now it's possible to open files with MKV, MKA, FLV, WEBM and 3GP extensions from the media player.

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