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Most common CEF4Delphi issues

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:36 pm
by salvadordf
These are some of the most common issues in CEF4Delphi :
  • Using the "Single process" mode. This mode is NOT supported by CEF and it causes multiple issues. You should only use it for debugging purposes.
  • Using the "Debug" libraries instead of the "Release" libraries from the “Standard Distribution” package at Spotify. The debug libraries have many more checks, asserts, etc that cause some issues.
  • Modifying, creating or destroying controls inside the TChromium or GlobalCEFApp events. Most of those events are executed in a CEF thread and the VCL doesn't like that.
  • Using an unsupported version of the CEF libraries with CEF4Delphi. This is usually caused by Delphi when some old BPL and DCU files remain in the hard drive from older CEF4Delphi versions. You need to uninstall CEF4Delphi, close Delphi and delete the old BPL and DCU files before installing CEF4Delphi again.
  • CEF stopped working with my favorite website. This is usually caused by an outdated version of Chromium, in which case you should update your application to the latest CEF4Delphi version available at GitHub, but it can also be caused by the website owner. If this is the reason, then you can report it to the owner because it could be unintentional, but if the owner did that on purpose to keep your application away from their website then it can be very difficult or impossible to find a workaround.