CEF 4 Delphi Demos

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CEF 4 Delphi Demos

Post by ATatMMO »

Installed current CEF4Delphi on my new computer and tried to run some demos. Using Delphi XE5.

Minibrowser grinds to a halt because it can't find System.NetEncoding.

SimpleBrowser runs but then crashes into a brick wall telling me
CEF binaries missing!

The missing files are

Quick look at code I notice that Function CheckResources in uCEFMiscFunctions


TempList := TStringList.Create;
TempList.Add(TempDir + 'snapshot_blob.bin');
TempList.Add(TempDir + 'v8_context_snapshot.bin');
TempList.Add(TempDir + 'cef.pak');
TempList.Add(TempDir + 'cef_100_percent.pak');
TempList.Add(TempDir + 'cef_200_percent.pak');

if aCheckExtensions then TempList.Add(TempDir + 'cef_extensions.pak');
if aCheckDevResources then TempList.Add(TempDir + 'devtools_resources.pak');

if TempExists then
Result := CheckFilesExist(TempList, aMissingFiles)

and reports that it can't find the files.

Looking on old computer which has CEF4Delphi some time ago includes all those files in the binaries but they are not included in the latest version as far as I can see!

So they are either missing or have been renamed or something. And perhaps the code is checking for the wrong things?

I am probably missing something very obvious but I really must stop and go to bed as it is nearly 5am and been fiddling with this for several hours!
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Re: CEF 4 Delphi Demos

Post by salvadordf »


I'm sorry this kept you awake for so long.

The CEF project changed some of the files in that package since the version 90.5.4 in April.

CEF4Delphi updated the functions to check the CEF binaries at that time, including CheckResources in uCEFMiscFunctions.

Uninstall the old CEF4delphi version, download the latest version from GitHub and install it in Delphi :

In some extreme cases it's necessary to follow this guide to uninstall it completely :
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