External exception 80000003 (JS)

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External exception 80000003 (JS)

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Updated the component from CEF 91.1.21 to version CEF 92.0.21.
External exception 80000003

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FChromium.Browser.MainFrame.ExecuteJavaScript(StrJS, FChromium.Browser.MainFrame.GetURL(), 0);
In the new version, errors began to occur when working with scripts, or the browser may hang at all. :(
Has something been changed in these calls?
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Re: External exception 80000003 (JS)

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CEF has changed a few things about frame handling lately. There are new events and methods to know when a frame is valid, created, attached, detached, etc.

I would suggest that you use TChromiumCore.ExecuteJavaScript instead of using TChromiumCore.Browser.MainFrame.ExecuteJavaScript because it checks if the browser and frame are valid before executing the JS code.
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