Conversion from CEF3 to CEF4Delphi

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Re: Conversion from CEF3 to CEF4Delphi

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It was nothing to do with the code but I am very appreciative of your help and suggestions to combine the two units and remove all global and local CEF interfaces. I had actually done all that prior to submitting my last post.

The real problem was my placing the libraries and resources in separate folders (see CreateGlobalCEFApp in uSimple.pas).
So when the renderer tried to load them they weren't where it expected. Seems some of the *.pak or *.bin files need to be in the same folder as the libraries.

Nice to see my problem gave you a new idea for a demo.

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Re: Conversion from CEF3 to CEF4Delphi

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I'm glad it worked! :D
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