New events in TChromium

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New events in TChromium

Post by salvadordf » Fri Nov 08, 2019 1:54 pm


I just uploaded a new version of CEF4Delphi with some new TChromium events.

The TChromium.OnCookiesVisited event is not triggered when you try to visit the cookies and the cookie store is empty.

I've added the TChromium.OnCookieVisitorDestroyed event to signal the browser when the cookie visitor has been destroyed. This marks the end of the visit and it's always triggered. The CookieVisitor demo has been modified to use this event and now it shows the results even when there are no cookies in the store.

I've also removed the TChromium.OnGetResourceRequestHandler event and replaced it with TChromium.OnGetResourceRequestHandler_ReqHdlr and TChromium.OnGetResourceRequestHandler_ReqCtxHdlr.

TChromium.OnGetResourceRequestHandler was triggered by ICefRequestHandler and also by ICefRequestContextHandler in some occasions. It was needed to add 2 events with different names.

There CEF binaries used are the same as the previous update (CEF 78.3.1) :

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