Update to CEF 79.1.10

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Update to CEF 79.1.10

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CEF4Delphi has been updated to CEF 79.1.10

This is what's new in the CEF binaries : This is what's new in CEF4Delphi :
  • Added TCEFOAuth2Helper class.
  • Added OAuth2Tester demo.
  • Added GetDefaultCEFUserAgent function to the uCEFMiscFunctions unit.
The CEF binaries are these : The Lazarus package now has a DCPCrypt dependency because it's needed to calculate SHA256 hashes.
Install DCPCrypt with the "Online Package Manager" before installing this CEF4Delphi version.

NOTE : Please read the code comments in the new OAuth2Tester demo if you want to test it. You will need to create some "credentials" in the "Google API Console" to see some results.
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