Update to CEF 79.1.27

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Update to CEF 79.1.27

Post by salvadordf » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:21 pm


CEF4Delphi has been updated to CEF 79.1.27.

All the changes in the CEF binaries were related to the building scripts and none of them is relevant for us but I added a fix in the CEF4Delphi code for the issue #253 :

That bug only affected the Delphi FMX demos in normal mode.

The CEF binaries are these :
  • 32 bit -> http://opensource.spotify.com/cefbuilds/cef_binary_79.1.27%2Bgd2449e5%2Bchromium-79.0.3945.117_windows32.tar.bz2
  • 64 bit -> http://opensource.spotify.com/cefbuilds/cef_binary_79.1.27%2Bgd2449e5%2Bchromium-79.0.3945.117_windows64.tar.bz2

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