How do I install BriskBard?

  1. Run BriskBard's installer double-clicking on the file called 'BriskBard_Installer.exe' that you downloaded from this web page.
  2. On some occasions, it's possible that Windows shows a SmartScreen filter warning message saying that Windows prevented an unrecognized app from starting. To resume the installation you must click on 'More info' and then click on 'Run anyway'.
  3. The User account control may ask for permission to make changes on the computer. To resume the installation you must click on 'Yes'.User account control
  4. Select the language used during the installation and click on 'OK'.Language selection
  5. After that it's necessary to read the license agreement, check the 'I accept the agreement' option and click on 'Next'.License agreement
  6. Then you have to select the directory where BriskBard will be installed and click on 'Next'.Destination folder selection
  7. In the last step you have to click on 'Finish'.Finishing installation

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