The power of 10 applications in 1 to make your Internet experience easier and more productive

Save time and effort with BriskBard

Use BriskBard and achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. BriskBard is the new free web browser for windows that integrates everything you need to succeed in all your daily Internet tasks.

The latest version is 2.7.0. Read what's new in the Blog.


A multipurpose web browser that integrates 10 applications.
BriskBard, a web browser created in Aragón. This software tool created by an engineer from Zaragoza puts together 10 Internet applications into one.
An all-in-all browser and manager toolkit. In the eventuality you are looking for a tool that you can configure to manage your email, IM, media player, news aggregation along with other services you might be using on a regular basis, then BriskBard provides you with a very convenient means to access them.
I've been a convert to Chrome for a while now, but BriskBard may just be the browser to convert me. It is written in Delphi, and is a contender for the Embarcadero Cool App Contest. BriskBard is a complete Internet suite capable of doing the most common tasks in Internet with only one program.
We recommend it to anyone who likes to have full control over the browser and wants everything to work perfectly.
Henryk Tur
It's a superb choice for an easy to use, reliable, and accessible option for performing many of your daily computer and internet tasks all in one place.
Truly saying, I like the program very much and I think that it will become better and better over time. I think it is worth trying it.
BriskBard - Surf the web, watch movies and play high-quality browser games. BriskBard is a powerful web browser with 10 integrated applications.
Everything you need to use in Internet with only one program.
BriskBard. Your internet experience easier and more productive.
Briskbard, an alternative web browser for Windows. Briskbard is what's commonly known as a complete internet suite and it's available in spanish and english.
BriskBard is not just a web browser, it is a modern web navigator that lets you manage all your important tasks direct from same place.
BriskBard is a new chromium-based web-browser with added modifications...Developers have worked hard in minimizing the memory load, making it a fast browser with added functionalities.
BriskBard is a free web browser that includes all the necessary functions for everyday web surfing.


BriskBard Named as Embarcadero's Cool App WinnerDelphi

BriskBard Named as Embarcadero's Cool App Winner

Embarcadero selected BriskBard as the Cool App Contest winner for April, 2018. The Cool App contest started in 2016 to showcase applications built using Embarcadero's software development tools and the winners are chosen among the most interesting business or consumer applications every month.


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