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Salvador Díaz Fau

My name is Salvador Díaz Fau and I'm an independent software developer. I was born in Saragossa (Spain), a city halfway between Madrid and Barcelona.

I always liked computers and I started programming when I was a kid with an 8 bit personal home computer called ZX Spectrum. Later I graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science at Escuela Universitaria Politécnica de La Almunia (Universidad de Zaragoza).

After working for several local software companies I decided to start the entrepreneurship adventure to create BriskBard.

I'm also an open source developer and the maintainer of the CEF4Delphi and OldCEF4Delphi projects. Besides Delphi, I also develop Android applications using Java, like the Space Weather Reporter.

If you wish to contact me use the contact page. For more information about me check the legal notes page.

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