Adding a language to BriskBard's spell checkerBriskBard's media player with bar spectrumBriskBard's media player with wave visualizationBriskBard's bookmark managerChannels list on a IRC server in BriskBardSeveral IRC channels in BriskBardName resolver information in BriskBardBriskBard's email message composerBriskBard's email message composer with spelling errorsBriskBard's emailSending mail with attached files from BriskBard's email message composerAttached image in an email messageFeeds in BriskBardFTP client in BriskBardBriskBard's language managerBriskBard's main menuSubscribing to newsgroups in BriskBardNewsgroups with headers in horizontal layoutNewsgroups with headers in vertical layoutPing test to the web serverVertical tabs in BriskBardHorizontal tabs in BriskBardTelnet in BriskBardVideo in BriskBard's media playerBriskBard's web browser in a website with english contentBriskBard's web browser in a website with japanese contentBriskBard's web browser in a web search engineBriskBard's web browser in a browser gameBriskBard with lots of open tabsWhois information in BriskBardBriskBard's initial screenBriskBard's web browserBriskBard's email clientBriskBard's Usenet newsreaderBriskBard's news aggregatorBriskBard's media playerBriskBard's FTP clientBriskBard's IRC clientBriskBard's web browserBriskBard's web browserBriskBard's web browser in a browser gameBriskBard's web browser in a browser gameBriskBard's web browserBriskBard's web browser in a WebGL sampleSpeed Dial in BriskBard's web browserBriskBard's web browserBriskBard's media playerBriskBard's FTP clientBriskBard's news aggregatorBriskBard's web browserBriskBard's web browser

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